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A white and fragrant eco-friendly garden.


The garden has been designed in keeping with the eco-friendly building project.
Most of the existing trees have been kept in the eco-friendly 500m² garden: oak, Atlas cedar (the ecolodge’s symbol), pine, medlar and Amur maple.
The aim was to improve the site’s potential for biodiversity by selecting plants based on criteria such as hardiness, reduced water needs, local indigenous species and local organic suppliers at the same time as staying true to the idea of a white and fragrant garden.

The brick path beneath the tall conifers runs through the garden and takes you to the ecolodge.

Fern, alumroot and foam flower flourish on the ground. Clematis armandii, hydrangea and ivy cover the walls. Sarcococca, jasmine, camellia, clematis and Mexican orange scent the paths.
The plants’ white blooms over the months create unity and their perennial foliage keeps the garden’s wild side alive.

The Luxury Parisian Ecolodge

175 rue de Charonne - 75011 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 43 56 73 24